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ED DODS February Night Cup

Welcome to the February Night Cup

This event will take place on Sunday February 21st beginning at 19:00 GMT. The event is straight elimination, featuring 16 teams.

Event Schedule:
Sunday February 21st - 19:00 GMT | Strasbourg
Sunday February 21st - 20:00 GMT | Anzio
Sunday February 21st - 21:00 GMT | Harrington
Sunday February 21st - 22:00 GMT | Santos_b3

All matches will be 2x15 minutes.

Because the Night Cup schedule is tight, and any delays will keep all teams waiting, the match times have to be followed. Matches must start LATEST at 15 minutes past the scheduled time, even if one team had only 5 on server etc. If a clan is found to be delaying the schedule with their actions, they will almost certainly be judged to lose their match.

Matches are to be played on the home team's server. If the away team requests, 2nd round can be played on their server. Contact an admin before the match starting time if you have any additional queries.

It is recommended that a recording HLTV is present in every match. If HLTV is not present, all players must record ineye demos and keep them for 7 days.

All standard ED and DoDS Rules apply for this competition.

We request that all clans have at least one representative on #enemydown.dod on the evening to provide us and their opposition with a point of contact.

Your admins for this event:

bert - http://www.enemydown.co.uk/userprof ile.php?id=101299
Fidget - http://www.enemydown.co.uk/userprof ile.php?id=46221
LGM (trial admin) - http://www.enemydown.co.uk/userprof ile.php?id=87050

Good luck and have fun everyone!
This cup runs over 4 rounds, takes place on Sunday and contains a total of 16 clans. Clans must enter the DOD Source - Open ladder before being eligible to play in this cup event.

Week 1: dod_strasbourg
Week 2: dod_anzio
Week 3: dod_harrington
Week 4: dod_santos_b3

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