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INsanes Small HUD Ver 8 . Black Panels UPDATED 27 July 2008
[ ] 04.09.2009, 18:56
INsanes Small HUD Ver 8 . Black Panels UPDATED 27 July 2008

Special thanks to Rom1, Grimmi, jak3z, and solar plexus.


The installer should find the dod folder itself... if it does not you will see this notice in a pop up box...
INSTALLER HELP SCREEN: Installer can't automatically find the dod folder address. 

IT'S OK TO CONTINUE... it just means you will have to find it manually... 

1. Press Yes, then Next... 

2. Select your options from the Components screen. Press Next... 

3. Press Browse in the Choose Install Location screen and navigate to the dod folder...

Here is a sample of a typical dod folder address...

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS\day of defeat source\dod 

Remember... the last folder must be the dod folder! See the readme for this same info. 

4. Press Install ... then Finish in the popup after that. DONE!

Just do what it says... simple, most imprtant thing? "the last folder must be the dod folder"


Version 8 changes...

 * Removed Mani Fix... this will have to be a seperate download now if required.

 * Removed Dot Crosshair... about time VALVe put in a good set of crosshairs! Yay... they are listening :)

 * Changed the version 7 files to cope with new orangebox engine. Not many... Winpanels, ClientScheme.res, 7 versions of the HudLayout.res.

 * Updated the Team menu to version 8 Removed some logos and placed in 4 more commands in the server commands section.

 * Adjusted all Language files German and French ver 7 ones... also added dod_spanish! Thanks to jak3z for the help.

 * Added the New Net_graph font fix... medium size for this hud... there is a smaller one in a separate download.

 * Adjusted the installer... heaps of hassels. Also made a Win Vista separate version... Game explorer...thanks for nothing Microsoft... get a clue nubs.

Other Older info about this release still in VER 8.......

5 Jan 2008...
 Installer message updated.

UPDATE: sv_pure servers when set on 2 or 1 with a edited whitelist, made the menu break.

* Fixed the Netgraph commands, they used the incrementvar cvar to toggle choices to choosing a netgraph type and moving it around the screen. This cvar is now considered a cheat and has been removed from the menu.Menu now has a different method for setting the Netgraph, a series of buttons to select type and position up and down and left to right.

* Fixed special graphics used by the menu, when visting some sv_pure servers the menu was missing the images and white boxes showed up.

* Added support for all sv_pure servers 0, 1 and 2, you will be able to upgrade this hud with US Flag and Iron Cross and Swastika images soon (seperate download).
When this hud has special icons added it will no longer result in purple and black or white boxes, the hud will just default to standard DoD:s images from the GCF files.

* Added Crosshair "Fix" for when the user is on a sv_pure server and it knocks out the crosshair, you can now set all aspects of the crosshair in the menu. The smallest setting is smaller than the normal slider bar. crosshair 3... the circle, is very close to having a Dot crosshair using this menu. 

5 Preset colors... Red, Green, Lt Blue, Yellow and White. 5 Preset sizes. The 4 standard crosshairs can be selected from the menu.
The spin-off of this is the speed you can set the crosshair while in game.

1. Click the Teamselect key. 2. click on a type. 3. click on a preset color. 4. click on a size and the menu exits... play on. Quicker than the traditional way and ... it's default smaller size is much lower than the standard one. No need to place a custom size or color in a config file.

Old readme, still current info...

Special thanks to Rom1, Grimmi, jak3z, and solar plexus.

* Added support for International lanugages, so far only German and French.

* New installer.

* The new chat box is installed. Some small fixes to the Object Icons.

* Crosshairs option has two new animated crosshairs one for SMG's and another for Rifle.

* New Fonts, I have tried to make sure these are good for all resolutions... large and small option.

* 8 Kills and Deaths Options, there is a variety of combinations ... the installer will install one option.

* Colored Panels Standard and Black in two seperate installers.

* Small font for Netgraph option

* Smaller Player ID icons option

* Colored small graphics like the winpanel graphics and small flags in the capture bar.

* The Custom Team menu will control items on the screen even further.

The Team menu in this installer is very handy for those who don't know about some of the commands availible.

The kills and deaths icon have a command that can shrink them down.

The kills and Deaths background can be made more transparent.

There are controls for chat and voice, netgraph, and netcode (rate settings).

The Mani commands may change... Note: "The Time" button will display the time, but you have to look in the console...

INsane: TheTime
The time is : 01:10:37 PM GMT+10

Minimap users may like to explore the options in the Menu, lots of commands to control it use are included.

Just about all the commands used will not be the default for your set up... config files in the game folder do that.

Most of these commands the menu uses after the choice is made places a "Say" echo in the console.
What this does is after you find a setting that you like you go to the console and look at the message there...

*** K/D ICON SIZE now M/L 60% *** cl_deathicon_height 12 AND cl_deathicon_width 38 ***

That means you have pressed the button "60%" for the Kills/Deaths icon size.

You can copy and paste those commands "cl_deathicon_height 12" and "cl_deathicon_width 38"

into your autoexec.cfg file and make that your new default size for the icons.

Use the menu again to change them... but it will not overwrite your defaults!

Take the time to set this up if you are fussy... or just adjust on eack map... up to you.




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